Friday, September 30, 2011

1 loss don't stop the season!

Let's not storm the streets people, let's keep DC looking beautiful! Did anyone really expect the Redskins to be the 1972 Dolphins and go undefeated? We can all dream. Although they held Dallas to no touchdowns, the skins came up a little short. There was no barbecue sauce for DeAngelo Hall to put on Romo's ribs, but you can say he got cooked on that long reception to Dez Bryant! We will not blame Rex for the strip sack, I don't want to hear anything about it's time for Beck to get a shot. Way too early for that kind of talk, still a lot of season left to be played. It's on to the Lou for the skins. Rams coming off of that beat down from them boys up I-95 hopefully it will be a repeat in the dome this week!

And speaking of beat down, what happened to the 32 combo Terps? 38-7 to Temple! Really Maryland, Really? After playing your hearts out against West Virginia, this is how you repay us! I guess this week they get back on track against Towson, we hope. Y'all boys have to do something better than beat a depleted Miami team to justify the new uni's!

And let me quickly give a shout-out to the monumental collapses of the Boston Red Sox and Atlanta Braves. No teams of interest in the playoffs, but I will certainly enjoy October baseball! All the fans in the area have to look forward to is the return of Stephen Strasburg for the entire season and the Orioles once again finishing a season below .500!

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