Wednesday, September 14, 2011

May be onto something!

It's just week 1, let's not pop the bubbly, but the Redskins may be onto something. We may have to re-evaluate Rex Grossmans comments about winning the NFC East. Admit it, event the most die hard Skins fans had to do a double take on that one. A "what you talking about Willis" moment.

I'm not saying thrust him upon his royal throne and "crown him" just yet. But the Vince Young proclaimed dream team may be the only formidable foe in the division. And you see how the dream team assembled in South Beach went out last season!

The reason I see the division as wide open is, who is not onto anything! Tony Romeo as the QB of the Cowboys. No matter how much his owner has got his back, he is definitely not the answer in Dallas. Literally throwing the game away to Revis and the Jets Sunday night.

The Giants better hope they have enough healthy bodies to field a team each week, especially on the defensive side of the ball. "Lawrence Taylor is not walking thru that door".

Flexy Rexy, I won't dare call him sexy, has to play well enough each week so the fans don't call for backup Beck. See Tim Tebow in Denver.

I may not be completely on the Skins bandwagon after 1 week, but I got my bags packed, sitting by the door, ready to get aboard!

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