Thursday, December 29, 2011

Turn down the lights!

The party is almost over ladies and gentlemen! The final week of the NFL regular season is here. The Redskins travel to Philly to meet the Eagles in the finale of what has been a disappointing season to say the least! The Skins are coming off a 33-26 loss to the Vikings where they were not able to capitalize on Minnesota's starting quaterback and Pro Bowl running back going down in the 3rd quarter. The mobile Joe Webb, who the Skins definitely were not prepared for, filled in suitably throwing for 2 touchdowns and running for another in the victory. Things don't get much better this week facing an even more mobile Mike Vick and a red hot Eagles squad. The Eagles are going for a season sweep and 4th straight over the Skins. In the week six 20-13 loss, Rex Grossman was benched after throwing 4 interceptions, which ushered in the John Beck era, or error! As Biggie said "your reign on the top was short like leprechauns" as Beck started the next 3 games before eventually handing the job back over to Grossman.

And we move on to more disappointment with the beloved Washington Redskins who were one of four teams to not have a member selected to the Pro Bowl. London Fletcher who leads the NFL in tackles with 163 was once again a forgotten man in not being selected. Maybe the 5-10 record had just a little to do with him being overlooked. Lets cap it off with Ryan Torain getting a heck of a Christmas gift, being given his release by the team. The 2 rookies Roy Helu and Evan Royster seem like they will share the load for many years to come! Maybe the only bright spots on an otherwise very dark season!

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Friday, December 16, 2011

How You Respond!

Week 15 of the NFL schedule falls upon us. The Skins travel to New York to face their division rivals the Giants. Lets all think back to week 1 of the season when the Skins were victorious 28-14. So much promise, so much hope of a good season. Rex went 21-34 throwing for 305 yards, spreading the ball all around. There was no quarterback controversy, no injuries and no suspensions! Fast forward to the present. After coming off of a heartbreaking 34-27 loss to the Patriots, how will the Skins respond this week? After having Brady on the ropes, him getting into a heated exchange with his offensive coordinator, they let him off the hook! Rex threw an interception inside the New England 10 yard line to seal another Skins loss. DEVASTATION!

But all is not lost. There is the role of the villain, the spoiler as it is so often referred to. They can damage the Giants playoff hopes with a win. The G-Men have to be riding high after their improbable win over the Cowboys last week. Lets bring them back down to earth. A few more wins would look good on the resume for the year. But lets not look forward to next week in what we think will be a winnable game against the Vikings. The way this season has been going, anything is bound to happen!

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Friday, December 9, 2011

No Back to Back!

The Skins weren't able to get back to back wins they so desperately were hoping for, falling to the Jets 34-19. A quarter of the season remains, and looking at the schedule there may be only 1 more victory out there. They have to run the table just to finish .500! The next game is home against Brady and the Patriots. Belichick and Brady have to be licking their chops, considering the Pats franchise has never won a game in the Presidents home town! Add that to the the suspensions of Fred Davis and Trent Williams for the remainder of the season for repeat violations of the leagues substance abuse policy. I just hope it doesn't get ugly early! How riled up must Andre Carter be coming back to play against his old team. He played 5 seasons with the Redskins before going to New England. He has 9 sacks on the year and you know he's going to want to get after Rex Grossman to increase that total.

A positive note on the season is the Skins may have found themselves a running back for the forseeble future. 4th round pick Roy Helu rushed for 100 yards in consective games and has clearly been a bright spot in an otherwise dim season. Is it time to fully concentrate on the Washington Wizards? They open up Monday December 26th at home against the New Jersey Nets. Maybe John Wall, Andray Blatche, and JaVale McGee can bring some excitement to the DMV!

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Friday, December 2, 2011


How do you stop a 6 game losing streak? Play the Seattle Seahawks! Maybe the return of Santana Moss from a broken hand played a minor roll in the victory. An emotional boost if nothing else knowing one of your team leaders on and off the field has returned to help fight the battle. The Skins pulled it out on the left coast by a score of 23-17. Rex Grossman threw for over 300 yards, and running back Helu rushed for over 100! You have got to be kidding me! Consistent performances like that may have them better than a 4-7 overall record. They might even be in the playoff chase. But as I point out again, consistency is an organizational problem.

With 5 games remaining, some brutal ones at that, they may be able to finish the season .500 or above. Next up is a home game against the 6-5 New York Jets who are fighting for a playoff spot in the AFC. You have to think they will be gunning for a win to stay in the hunt. Nothing better for the Skins to play spoiler. Expose Sanchez for the fraud many think he is, and send them back to New York sad faced! Back to back vicories are something the Skins have not enjoyed since the first 2 weeks of the season. Pathetic! But what type of expectations did the Skins have coming in to the season? They did have an uncertain QB situation which the starter wasn't announced till just before the season. But at least no one labeled them the "Dream Team"

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Friday, November 18, 2011

It's that time again!!!

Time for Skins fans to really break out the "HAIL YEAH I HATE THE COWBOYS" wristbands. Never a better time to stop a 5 game losing streak than against your rivals. Does the rivalry mean less if one team is superior to the other? Well that seems to be the case. Cowboys coming off a blowout of the Bills, a team that blanked the Skins a few weeks back. Things were looking so bright in the beginning of the season, however that Giants game now seems light years in the past. Is it legit to ask will the Skins win another game this season?

Rex Grossman back at quarterback didn't give the Redskins the spark they were looking for. Flip flopping back and forth between 2 mediocre quarterbacks is not the solution. Now out of the Luck sweepstakes, do you look in the draft for a quarterback, or go the free agent veteran route? That route hasn't exactly worked out for the Skins lately. And the grumblings about Shanahans return should be put to rest! Let the man get a half decent quarterback before making such decision.

With playoff hopes dashed, and nothing to play for but pride, you better believe that is exactly what they will do! The men in that locker room won't lay down! How can you not be up for a game against a team you hate! Fight for all DC! It may be painful getting through the rest of the season, but better days will come!

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Lighten the Mood!

Tragedy, sadness, drama! Seems these are the only things happening in the world recently. The Penn State child sex scandal. Smokin Joe Frazier  and Heavy D passing. The Washington Nationals catcher Wilson Ramos being abducted in Venezuela. I thought it might be a good time to speak about some things a little more uplifting.

But the news is still depressing with the play of the Redskins. Yet another loss, 4 in a row. This time to the 49ers who surprisingly have the second best record in the NFL. But to be optimistic and look at the glass as half full, they did score HOORRRAAAYYY!!! 11 whole points! And that includes a touchdown pass from Beck as well as a 2 point conversion. However, they did release Donte Stallworth. Does it really matter when an unproductive player is let go? Productivity has been lacking from the entire organization which always leaves Skins fans looking forward to next year. But as we look forward to next week, the Skins travel to Miami to take on the Dolphins. Luckily they won't be facing a desperate team looking for their first victory of the season.

As we debate the battles that take place on the field of play each week, lets take time to salute those brave men and women who battle on a different type of field. Make Veterans Day everyday! If you see active duty or retired military personnel, just say Thank You! Thank You for putting you life on the line to secure the rights and freedoms of all Americans. From all of TheWalkons, we salute you and say Thank You!

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

"Making history for the wrong reason"

With National Cliche Day earlier this week, I thought I might use a few from the sports world to describe the 23-0 loss "the Redskins suffered at the hands of the Buffalo Bills". They have lost 3 straight games and definitely "laid an egg" in Toronto. Giving up what has been changed to a team record 10 sacks, along with Shanahan suffering the first shutout loss in his coaching career. "The skins couldn't even sniff the end zone". The best thing for the Redskins to do now, "take it one game at a time".

And in the next game Carlos Rogers is back in town, "comes to your house" with a surprising 49er's team. And you have to ask those cliched questions. "Who is the starting quarterback"? "Is there a QB controversy in DC"?  Was that change to John Beck permanent? "Let's not get ahead of ourselves" but 9 games remain in the season. Who do you think "starts more games under center"?

The signing of released Dallas running back Tashard Choice is to "bolster the rushing attack". But management isn't the only ones with their eyes on the Cowboys! DeAngelo Hall brings you the HAIL YEAH I HATE DALLAS wristband. TheWalkons support any cause where "a portion of the proceeds go towards a worthy cause". In this case we showing love to D.C CENTRAL KITCHEN. I'm going to have to purchase some wristbands for the other members of TheWalkons during the week of the Cowboys game. (November 20th) Cause we don't want to look ahead "just think about the next game on the schedule".

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