Friday, September 30, 2011

1 loss don't stop the season!

Let's not storm the streets people, let's keep DC looking beautiful! Did anyone really expect the Redskins to be the 1972 Dolphins and go undefeated? We can all dream. Although they held Dallas to no touchdowns, the skins came up a little short. There was no barbecue sauce for DeAngelo Hall to put on Romo's ribs, but you can say he got cooked on that long reception to Dez Bryant! We will not blame Rex for the strip sack, I don't want to hear anything about it's time for Beck to get a shot. Way too early for that kind of talk, still a lot of season left to be played. It's on to the Lou for the skins. Rams coming off of that beat down from them boys up I-95 hopefully it will be a repeat in the dome this week!

And speaking of beat down, what happened to the 32 combo Terps? 38-7 to Temple! Really Maryland, Really? After playing your hearts out against West Virginia, this is how you repay us! I guess this week they get back on track against Towson, we hope. Y'all boys have to do something better than beat a depleted Miami team to justify the new uni's!

And let me quickly give a shout-out to the monumental collapses of the Boston Red Sox and Atlanta Braves. No teams of interest in the playoffs, but I will certainly enjoy October baseball! All the fans in the area have to look forward to is the return of Stephen Strasburg for the entire season and the Orioles once again finishing a season below .500!

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

How y'all feel! Fired up!

It will be an electric atmosphere, Jerryworld will be a'buzz Monday night! The Red Sox Yankees, Michigan Ohio State, Carolina Duke, the Hatfields and McCoys of the NFL. Whatever cliche you want to use to describe this rivalry. A knock-down, drag-out Heavyweight, or Welterweight fight, but we will get into that momentarily. When I'm sitting on my couch ready to put on the pads and run through a wall, you know it's a big deal!

Redskins VS Cowboys brings out the worst in fans and players. DeAngelo Hall looking for a rack of Romo's ribs.

Hatred: A very strong feeling of dislike. Intense animosity. Ill will. To want to stomp on the Cowboys necks repeatedly!

It's Dallas trying to stop the "Fun Bunch" from celebrating after a score. Chief Zee patrolling the sidelines looking to get into it with anyone representing the Cowboys. Arguably one of the greatest rivalries in sports!

Now if we could only get the Redskins Cowboys, so to speak in boxing. With that nonsense from Saturday night, it's about time Floyd and Manny took to the ring. The only fight fans want to see, but Floyd is too worried about legacy. Let me offer a few choice words. Don't be afraid of failure, we will all meet it in our day. Put in the "hard work, dedication" your camp is always preaching and you never know what you will get out of it!

I have said this many tmes in the past. I am done with boxing, strictly UFC. But boxing is like the female you know you should leave alone, just walk away from, but you just keep going back for all the wrong reasons!

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Thursday, September 15, 2011


The list of African-Americans coaching Division 1 men’s college basketball today can seem endless.  The ACC alone boasts at least three African-American coaches.  This, however, was not always the case.  Being a child of the eighties, I can remember the days when my father’s love of Temple and Georgetown’s basketball programs was rooted in the fact that they were two of the most visible African –American coached teams of that era.  The careers of John Thompson and John Chaney and their accomplishments in college basketball are also very well known. A lesser known name of that era, however, was Bob Wade at the University of Maryland. 
Wade, the first African-American coach in ACC basketball history, came to prominence in basketball during a his career as head coach of Baltimore's Dunbar High School where he coached ten years and produced four future NBA players.  Wade however had no college coaching experience when he took the job at Maryland.  The challenges facing Wade were endless due to the fact that College Park was still dealing with the tragic death of Len Bias, the end of the Dreisell era, and the loss of several players. But amid all of this Bob Wade did manage to coach the Terps to one appearance in the NCAA tournament during his three years in College Park.  His tenure at Maryland only lasted from 1986-1989 and opinions vary on Bob Wade’s performance as a coach during his years at Maryland, but Bob Wade will always be fondly remembered as one the few African-American college head coaches in an era when that list was very short.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

May be onto something!

It's just week 1, let's not pop the bubbly, but the Redskins may be onto something. We may have to re-evaluate Rex Grossmans comments about winning the NFC East. Admit it, event the most die hard Skins fans had to do a double take on that one. A "what you talking about Willis" moment.

I'm not saying thrust him upon his royal throne and "crown him" just yet. But the Vince Young proclaimed dream team may be the only formidable foe in the division. And you see how the dream team assembled in South Beach went out last season!

The reason I see the division as wide open is, who is not onto anything! Tony Romeo as the QB of the Cowboys. No matter how much his owner has got his back, he is definitely not the answer in Dallas. Literally throwing the game away to Revis and the Jets Sunday night.

The Giants better hope they have enough healthy bodies to field a team each week, especially on the defensive side of the ball. "Lawrence Taylor is not walking thru that door".

Flexy Rexy, I won't dare call him sexy, has to play well enough each week so the fans don't call for backup Beck. See Tim Tebow in Denver.

I may not be completely on the Skins bandwagon after 1 week, but I got my bags packed, sitting by the door, ready to get aboard!

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Visually Shell Shocking Turtles

  By all means I should be discussing the imperial rug that was swept from beneath the cleats of self-proclaimed Redskins starting quarterback John Beck.  But if history repeats itself my gut tells me I will revisit this topic; say around week three. The anointment of Rex Grossman as the burgundy and gold's play caller probably will have just as much staying power as Carmen Elextra's cameo on an Eastern Motors commercial. So for the time being hold tight DMV; we'll have plenty of time to leap into the Potomac.

  My current sports' thought focuses on the Maryland Terrapins fashion faux pas. The Terps debut of one of 32 uniform combinations on national television may have cause Tim Gunn to roll over in his grave. Opps, Tim's still alive! We all know ugly or not fashion weaves its way from the past back into the present. Examples include Brandon Jennings with the retro Big Daddy Kane style high-top fade, the Wizards Andray Blatche rocking the headband and high socks ABA style, or LiL Wayne and his infatuation with Irene Cara's leggings.  But no one can convince me the Calvert and Crossland families envisioned their coat of arms draped on the shoulders of modern day gladiators. Honestly, this specific flag bearing combination is as fashionable as Lafayette's attire on True Blood. I've seen plenty of costumes in my lifetime but I never come across an animated jack of spades until this week. The Terps are the only squad out of 119 division one football teams that literally keep their state flag close to their chest.  Thus, I respect the state pride and celebrate their win but with respect to Humpty Dumpty let's never place that combination on the field again.


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The New American Pastime, NFL Football!

"Crabcakes and football, that's what Maryland does" for all my wedding crashers out there.

Time to put on the Grown Man Pads! Enough with these NBA summer league games. Kevin Durant giving Lebron James the blues with 59 points at Hill Fieldhouse on the campus of the good Morgan State University. All attention must be turned to the NFL! With particular focus being paid to the divisional rivalry games of week 1.

By far the hardest hitting game, not just of week 1, but the entire season. Steelers at Ravens. Two perennial top 10 defenses that love to smack each other in the mouth, and might have a few choice words about your momma while they do it. Big Ben and the Steelers have had their way with Ray Lewis and the Ravens when it's all on the line. The Ravens have to "Walk that aisle" in the words of Ric Flair in order to get where they want to go, Festivus Maximus.

And lets take a drive down the I-95, where Rex Grossman is getting the start week 1 over John Beck. Shanahan has not had much QB success since Elway. I guess he's going with the veteran, 4 years difference in experience, but only 1 year age difference. Regardless of the starter, big blue is bringing a banged up defense to FedEx Field. The battering ram Brandon Jacobs is still in the backfield, but the other Manning seems ineffective without Plaxico. Lets see if the Skins D can contain the Giants, now they let go of the 100 million dollar headache. If Hightower can tote the rock like Terrell Davis did in Shanahans glory days, the Redskins may be on to something!

Lets light the grills and have a wonderful time this coming Sunday, but lets also remember those that were lost, being that this is the 10 year anniversary of 9-11!

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