Thursday, September 22, 2011

How y'all feel! Fired up!

It will be an electric atmosphere, Jerryworld will be a'buzz Monday night! The Red Sox Yankees, Michigan Ohio State, Carolina Duke, the Hatfields and McCoys of the NFL. Whatever cliche you want to use to describe this rivalry. A knock-down, drag-out Heavyweight, or Welterweight fight, but we will get into that momentarily. When I'm sitting on my couch ready to put on the pads and run through a wall, you know it's a big deal!

Redskins VS Cowboys brings out the worst in fans and players. DeAngelo Hall looking for a rack of Romo's ribs.

Hatred: A very strong feeling of dislike. Intense animosity. Ill will. To want to stomp on the Cowboys necks repeatedly!

It's Dallas trying to stop the "Fun Bunch" from celebrating after a score. Chief Zee patrolling the sidelines looking to get into it with anyone representing the Cowboys. Arguably one of the greatest rivalries in sports!

Now if we could only get the Redskins Cowboys, so to speak in boxing. With that nonsense from Saturday night, it's about time Floyd and Manny took to the ring. The only fight fans want to see, but Floyd is too worried about legacy. Let me offer a few choice words. Don't be afraid of failure, we will all meet it in our day. Put in the "hard work, dedication" your camp is always preaching and you never know what you will get out of it!

I have said this many tmes in the past. I am done with boxing, strictly UFC. But boxing is like the female you know you should leave alone, just walk away from, but you just keep going back for all the wrong reasons!

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