Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Visually Shell Shocking Turtles

  By all means I should be discussing the imperial rug that was swept from beneath the cleats of self-proclaimed Redskins starting quarterback John Beck.  But if history repeats itself my gut tells me I will revisit this topic; say around week three. The anointment of Rex Grossman as the burgundy and gold's play caller probably will have just as much staying power as Carmen Elextra's cameo on an Eastern Motors commercial. So for the time being hold tight DMV; we'll have plenty of time to leap into the Potomac.

  My current sports' thought focuses on the Maryland Terrapins fashion faux pas. The Terps debut of one of 32 uniform combinations on national television may have cause Tim Gunn to roll over in his grave. Opps, Tim's still alive! We all know ugly or not fashion weaves its way from the past back into the present. Examples include Brandon Jennings with the retro Big Daddy Kane style high-top fade, the Wizards Andray Blatche rocking the headband and high socks ABA style, or LiL Wayne and his infatuation with Irene Cara's leggings.  But no one can convince me the Calvert and Crossland families envisioned their coat of arms draped on the shoulders of modern day gladiators. Honestly, this specific flag bearing combination is as fashionable as Lafayette's attire on True Blood. I've seen plenty of costumes in my lifetime but I never come across an animated jack of spades until this week. The Terps are the only squad out of 119 division one football teams that literally keep their state flag close to their chest.  Thus, I respect the state pride and celebrate their win but with respect to Humpty Dumpty let's never place that combination on the field again.


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  1. The new uniforms are actually growing on me. May give UMD some swag!