Friday, December 16, 2011

How You Respond!

Week 15 of the NFL schedule falls upon us. The Skins travel to New York to face their division rivals the Giants. Lets all think back to week 1 of the season when the Skins were victorious 28-14. So much promise, so much hope of a good season. Rex went 21-34 throwing for 305 yards, spreading the ball all around. There was no quarterback controversy, no injuries and no suspensions! Fast forward to the present. After coming off of a heartbreaking 34-27 loss to the Patriots, how will the Skins respond this week? After having Brady on the ropes, him getting into a heated exchange with his offensive coordinator, they let him off the hook! Rex threw an interception inside the New England 10 yard line to seal another Skins loss. DEVASTATION!

But all is not lost. There is the role of the villain, the spoiler as it is so often referred to. They can damage the Giants playoff hopes with a win. The G-Men have to be riding high after their improbable win over the Cowboys last week. Lets bring them back down to earth. A few more wins would look good on the resume for the year. But lets not look forward to next week in what we think will be a winnable game against the Vikings. The way this season has been going, anything is bound to happen!

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