Friday, December 2, 2011


How do you stop a 6 game losing streak? Play the Seattle Seahawks! Maybe the return of Santana Moss from a broken hand played a minor roll in the victory. An emotional boost if nothing else knowing one of your team leaders on and off the field has returned to help fight the battle. The Skins pulled it out on the left coast by a score of 23-17. Rex Grossman threw for over 300 yards, and running back Helu rushed for over 100! You have got to be kidding me! Consistent performances like that may have them better than a 4-7 overall record. They might even be in the playoff chase. But as I point out again, consistency is an organizational problem.

With 5 games remaining, some brutal ones at that, they may be able to finish the season .500 or above. Next up is a home game against the 6-5 New York Jets who are fighting for a playoff spot in the AFC. You have to think they will be gunning for a win to stay in the hunt. Nothing better for the Skins to play spoiler. Expose Sanchez for the fraud many think he is, and send them back to New York sad faced! Back to back vicories are something the Skins have not enjoyed since the first 2 weeks of the season. Pathetic! But what type of expectations did the Skins have coming in to the season? They did have an uncertain QB situation which the starter wasn't announced till just before the season. But at least no one labeled them the "Dream Team"

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