Thursday, October 6, 2011

Take it to the next level!

I love my I-Phone! I don't know what, if any Apple products you may have, but if you are so fortunate, I know you are very pleased. The Redskins and Ravens both have bye's this week. However, if they were playing, I am sure you would be able to watch on one of your I-devices. With the passing of Steve Jobs, I had to pay respect to another visionary Icon!

The innovative Jobs brought clever products to the world it seems society cannot live without! To a lesser extent in the sports world, he would be a Bill Walsh. The creative mind behind what we refer to as the west coast offense. An offense in which he won 3 Super Bowls, and is still being effectively run today.

Or a name you may not be too familiar with. Sam Barry, who establised the basic principles of the triangle offense. Tex Winter, who played for Barry at USC is given all the credit for the offense as we know it today. Phil Jackson then used it to win 11 NBA championships coaching the likes of Jordan, Bryant, and O'neal.

Something new, something different. Something so unbelievable in it's own special way it made you say wow is what Steve Jobs and these other individuals gave us. Who is going to step up in the absence of your star player? Where is the next great mind going to come from? Who will be the next Kevin Plank? The University of Maryland grad who created Under Armour and has made it into one of the fastest growing sports apparel companies in the world! Will it be one of the Walkons who takes that leap, unafraid to fail, with the next great "thing"? Only time will tell, and the clock continues to tick!

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