Thursday, October 13, 2011

I can feel it!

Week 6 of the NFL season falls upon us! The 3-1 division leading Redskins are ready to bang it out at Fedex Field with the 1-4 Philadelphia Eagles. This is a big game as the Eagles have a bye next week. This is a prime opportunity to take the life and will out of a team. Cripple the bums! What type of mindset would you have going into your bye week on a 5 game losing streak? With all the commotion the "Fugazi" dream team caused this offseason, definitely not a good look!

The Skins are also trying to take control of the NFC East. A win Sunday would most likely guarantee at least a split with every team in the division. You have to believe they will take care of the Cowboys next time around. They always seem to split the season series in this rivalry. But lets not make flight and hotel reservations for Indy just yet, as I overheard one Skins fan contemplating. We are still just a quarter of the way thru the season.

12 straight games lie and wait for the Skins. A crucible, as though they were enlisted in some special-ops division of the armed forces. After Sunday, another run thru the NFC "Beast". Along with games against the Patriots, and the surprising Bills and 49ers. It has to make your hair stand on end, knowing what is ahead of us. With the cancellation of the first 2 weeks of the NBA season, it may be all we have to look forward to for quite some time!

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